About this blog

This blog is a way to keep track of all the nerdy things that occupy my time and show off the results of all that nerding. Hopefully, something here will inspire you to continue a long-term project, or to start something you’ve never tried before. I will recommend other sites and resources, and suggest great people to follow or learn from.

I’m a gay, white, cisgendered male nerd who lives in South Africa. I believe in women’s rights, I’d love to see a LOT more diversity among nerds, and socialism is the answer. If you think “SJW” is an insult, you will not be happy here.

You can expect to see many posts about boardgames (like, a LOT). But you’ll also read about computer games, apps and tools, music, Star Trek, movies, television, crafting, roleplaying games, and a variety of related subjects. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy learning in the process.

Find me on BoardGameGeek at Zwodder, and on Twitter at @NerdVerseZA.