Nerdgasm: Alter Ego Lootcrate

Hooray! I finally received the Alter Ego Lootcrate in the post today. Please note: This was the June 2017 Lootcrate and today is 09 September. NerdVerse, meet your nemesis: The South African Postal Service.

On the upside, every Lootcrate is a surprise because you never know which one you’re getting.

But look! Loot!

Unopened Lootcrate

Alter Ego Lootcrate, June 2017

Transformers shirt

Transformers shirt

Bowl + Q-Fig in Lootcrate

Inside the box

Marvel Hulk 6" Bowl

Marvel Hulk 6" Bowl

Q-Fig Spider-Man

Spider-Man Q-Fig

DC Comics - The New 52! Poster Collection (book)

DC Comics - The New 52 Poster Collection

Lootcrate pin, June 2017

Alter Ego Lootcrate, June 2017

Optimus Prime in truck form (ex-Lootcrate box)

Optimus Prime in Truck Form

LTR Batman Lego clock, Hulk bowl, Batman mug, Superman Lego clock, b/w Evidence Lootcrate box and DC Comics New 52 Poster Collection

Heroes' (Break)Feast

Marvel Spider-Man Q-Fig closeup
LTR Lego Batman clock, Hulk bowl, Batman Lootcrate mug, Superman Lego clock b/w DC Comics New 52 Poster Collection and Spider-Man Q-Fig

Breakfast of Superheroes, Take 2

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And I got to build an “Optimus Prime in Truck Mode” from the box. Neat-o!

Of course I only heard about Lootcrate and their amazing monthly geek boxes via Critical Role. Fun postage-related fact: I once ordered a Critical Role shirt from Geek & Sundry, but it never got here. It arrived in the country okay, but our postal service couldn’t tell me what happened to it once the international courier handed it over. I am still sore about that. Can you tell? (#WhiteNerdProblems)

In any case. If you don’t know what Lootcrate is, you can find out more by watching their 30 second commercial on their site, here. Basically, Lootcrate is a subscription service where you pay them $$$ every month and they send you a box of themed goodies. You can sign up for the basic ‘mystery box’ or for particular themed ones.

It’s fantastic, albeit expensive – especially if you live around here. It’s also quite addictive.

And did I mention they have both a Star Trek and a Fallout boxes in the works?

My bank balance is going to hate me.