OMG! Nerdgasm: Pathfinder edition

What is better than receiving a nice nerdy piece of loot? Look what arrived at the office today. Of course, it feels odd spending R 635 on a book. Even though it normally retails for up to R 1,050, this still feels a bit steep. But it sure is gorgeous.

Pathfinder Core Rulebook

This book brought back many fond memories of playing in a Pathfinder campaign. Some time back, six of us spent a good year or two playing Skull and Shackles, a fun pirate-themed campaign. We were especially lucky to have an actual ship’s captain as our Gamemaster. Verisimilitude, what?

I also played in an Arcana Evolved campaign with the same group. This was the same group where I introduced my partner to tabletop RPGs for the first time. Good times!

Raru packaging
Thanks, Raru!

Life moves on, and I tend to GM rather than play nowadays. To get my Pathfinder fix, I have to play Pathfinder Society or the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Fortunately Asmodee has released electronic versions of the card game for Android and Steam. So it’s easier to restart when your party has just been massacred by a collection of electronic dice. (No, not the goblins – the dice. The dice in that game have killed me more often than I can remember.)

And there’s always the possibility that one of the people in my current gaming group will volunteer to run a Starfinder campaign for us.

In the meantime, I’d be overjoyed if Obsidian Entertainment would add Skull and Shackles as an expansion for Steam. A nerd can dream. How’s about it, Asmodee?