LTR Batman Lego clock, Hulk bowl, Batman mug, Superman Lego clock, b/w Evidence Lootcrate box and DC Comics New 52 Poster Collection

Nerdgasm: Alter Ego Lootcrate

Hooray! I finally received the Alter Ego Lootcrate in the post today. Please note: This was the June 2017 Lootcrate and today is 09 September. NerdVerse, meet your nemesis: The South African Postal Service. On the upside, every Lootcrate is a surprise because you never know which one you’re getting.[…]

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OMG! Nerdgasm: Pathfinder edition

What is better than receiving a nice nerdy piece of loot? Look what arrived at the office today. Of course, it feels odd spending R 635 on a book. Even though it normally retails for up to R 1,050, this still feels a bit steep. But it sure is gorgeous. This[…]

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