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TTRPG Review: Maschine Zeit

When I mention tabletop role-playing games, you might think of corporate behemoths like Dungeons and Dragons, and long, sprawling campaigns lasting many sessions – in some cases, years and even decades. If that sounds too expensive or time-consuming, I’d like to introduce you to Maschine Zeit, a game that happily tosses those ideas out the airlock.

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Death House Revisited

The first time I ran this module, I used it pretty much as is. Although it was fun, it took a lot of time to prepare and to play. That worked out fine for what we wanted, but I was quite keen to make a few changes and try it again.

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Why I love Critical Role

I love RPGs. They’re a unique form of communal storytelling, a great way to spend time with friends, and at best they’re a fantastic creative outlet. Whether you’re sitting at a physical table or playing online, it’s enormous fun for everyone from the GM to the newest of novice players.[…]

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New Adventures in Hi-Fi (album cover)

New Adventures in Hi-Fi (R.E.M.)

Like many people who grew up in the 80s and 90s, I’ve listened to lots of R.E.M. in my life. By far my favourite R.E.M. album is (still) New Adventures in Hi-Fi. It’s a little bewildering to realize that album turns 21 this weekend. So what’s so great about it?[…]

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Asylum (Marcus Low) book cover

New Books: Asylum (Marcus Low)

Reading is what? Fundamental. One of South Africa’s annual literary highlights is the Open Book Festival. This usually takes place in and around Cape Town during early September, which is the start of spring. They’ve had great guests before, including some amazing international and local authors I would heartily recommend.[…]

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