Detail from a Darkest Dungeon screenshot, showing four characters exploring a dungeon

Finding Your Players

Finding players for your TTRPG group can be its own adventure – one beset by perils, obstacles, and setbacks, with many opportunities to abandon hope along the way. Fortunately, you can always ask your friends for help. In fact, it might be as simple as inviting some friends to join you.

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A selection of Funkos in front of a DM screen, along with a map of Waterdeep, a spellbook, and some potion bottles

Gather Your Party

When it comes to regularly playing TTRPGs, one of the biggest hurdles is getting enough people together to make it worthwhile. At least, that’s what I always thought – until I realised that you can make it much easier on yourself by setting realistic goals.

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Maschine Zeit 2.0 logo

TTRPG Review: Maschine Zeit

When I mention tabletop role-playing games, you might think of corporate behemoths like Dungeons and Dragons, and long, sprawling campaigns lasting many sessions – in some cases, years and even decades. If that sounds too expensive or time-consuming, I’d like to introduce you to Maschine Zeit, a game that happily tosses those ideas out the airlock.

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Photo of Dragonfire, with stalls, punters, and gaming tables.

Dragonfire 2019 in Review

Dragonfire is done! I’m really happy with how everything went. I have lots of ideas and plans for next year (like starting to prep WAY in advance). Fortunately, I’ll be sharing some of that right here on the blog, so stay tuned. Until then, here’s a rundown of what happened.

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Wall-E holding a d20

A few practical considerations

Running a convention game is all about restrictions. If you’re playing at a convention and you are not involved in organising it, a lot of things are out of your control. It helps to know what they are beforehand, and to plan accordingly. But you can use the same tricks to help plan your first game at home, to make it as efficient as possible.

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